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Employee Benefits


Complete Employee Benefit Platform


To avoid and comply with the upcoming mandates our employer groups have been utilizing out ERISA program. ERISA plans are primarily governed by federal ERISA laws, which govern employee welfare plans.  ERISA establishes minimum standards for retirement, health and other welfare benefit plans.  ERISA plans do not have to follow state benefit mandates, resulting in lower costs and expenses.  We structure our ERISA program to mimic fully insured plans with traditional copays, deductibles and everything else an employee is used to.  This plan also utilized 2 types of reinsurance and a claims fund combined into monthly premium payments.  By structuring the plan in this manner there is no additional out of pocket expense above and beyond the monthly premium.


  • You don’t buy insurance for benefits that you don’t use.  Your client’s unused claims fund is theirs at the end of the plan year.
  • Stop Loss insurance fully protects you from larger claims.  You will never have to pay more than the maximum monthly cost.
  • The predictability of a level monthly cost – there are no extra charges to your client if they have high claims.
  • Your plan is an ERISA plan that is exempt from some of the new federal Affordable Care Act regulations – particularly those parts that may cause fully insured premiums to climb substantially in 2014.






GAP Insurance

GAP is designed to help supplement your Employer's underlying Major Medical plan. It provides supplemental coverage to help offset out-of-pocket costs that you may experience due to deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance of the underlying Major Medical plan.


  • Available for groups of 5+ Eligible
  • Up to $10,000 Per Confinement (includes In-Hospital Ambulance)
  • Up to $7,500 Per Day Outpatient (includes Outpatient Ambulance)
  • Optional deductibles for in-hospital and/or outpatient
  • Voluntary or Employer Paid
  • Waiver of Pre-Existing Available